January 2019

​Kelly and Jeanne Manire’s SHORT STORY:

On January 1st, 2016, after serving 20 years with the International Mission Board (imb), we heard the LORD’s call to RETURN from Moscow, Russia to Greater Vancouver, Canada. The LORD directed us to continue our missionary endeavors to strategically connect students and young adults to Jesus and His Church. In September 2017, we began church planting in Abbotsford, and named our Church Plant Movement Church.


Because we are committed to helping people in their spiritual journey to MOVE toward Jesus!!


What’s the vision?

We have dedicated our lives to reaching young people for Christ and mentoring them, through the local church. And it’s this same group of young people, many who are now young adults, and younger married families that have continued to burden us. Why are so many in this generation leaving the church or have never been there to begin with? They’ve been duped by the Evil One and far too many have given up on God. We want to see that change in Abbotsford and across Canada! Cities like Vancouver are desperate for servant leaders who will bring them the good news of Jesus Christ. We are committed to seeing a movement of God fanned into a mighty flame in Greater Vancouver and across Canada. Every movement of God starts somewhere. We are starting in our neighborhood near the University of the Fraser Valley (UFV). Movement Church will focus this year on finding and developing leaders, and spending significant time in prayer, and evangelism, using Alpha Canada to share the gospel with the UFV community. For more info on the spiritual need in Vancouver, click here.

What’s happened so far?

We have started gathering people to form the core for Movement Church, with an emphasis on evangelism using the Alpha Canada Film Series. Collectively,  alongside other great leaders, we have reached over 100 students through our Alpha at UFV weekly outreach in the fall and winter semesters over the last several years. This last year we have focused on building relationships, sharing the gospel, mentoring young leaders, and adapting to life in the Fraser Valley. Four students have given their lives to Christ so far! Relational bridges have been built and strengthened with many churches and campus ministries in the Greater Vancouver area. In August 2018, I began discussions with the Student Services Office at the UFV regarding the development of a Chaplaincy Department at UFV. The University has invited me to help them lead and develop this department on campus in 2019. Praise God! We anticipate Movement Church beginning to meet on campus regularly beginning early this year. 

In addition to our local efforts to plant Movement Church,  I’ve been invited alongside my brother in Christ, Lucas Aube, a university community church planter in Sherbrook, Quebec , to give leadership to reaching students for Christ across Canada, which includes giving leadership to the Forgotten 50 movement.  Lucas and I are the Co-Directors of the F50 Movement. Together we have invited stellar leaders from across Canada and the USA to act as an advisory board that helps us locate Christian leaders and send them to start new churches and campus ministries on all 50 of these campuses. For a list of the Forgotten 50 campuses, click here. 

Here is how Movement Church and the Forgotten 50 initiative tie together.  We are planting Movement Church, as a prototype of what other church plants and campus ministries could look like across Canada, on the least reached campuses in the country. This is what the Forgotten 50 (F50) movement is all about. We are going after the 1. Going after lostness on every F50 campus and helping to establish church plants and campus ministries across North America. 


What’s our ministry philosophy?

I have always subscribed to an Acts 1:8 Philosophy. Act 1:8 (NIV) says... "But you will recieve power when the 

Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in Judea, and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth."

Our “Jerusalem” is our local church planting efforts with Movement Church.

Our “Judea” is the Forgotten 50 campuses located in British Columbia.

Our “Samaria” is the Forgotten 50 campuses located across Canada.

And our “ends of the earth” – is the mission work we are involved with globally.

I prioritize our time accordingly. 

What’s our current priority focus?

Praise God with us that as of January 2019, 80% of our goal to raise $5000 CAD in monthly support for our basic needs has been raised. While I continue to raise the remaining 20%, we will continue reaching out on the UFV campus, primarily with our Alpha Film Series evangelism emphasis.  We also have a priority for finding and developing leaders this year who will help us in our weekly worship gatherings, weekly Alpha gatherings, monthly community service projects, and monthly fellowship and outreach events. Movement Church has adopted a goal to have 50 people at our Easter 2019 worship gathering on campus at the UFV. As we continue to find new leaders, we look forward to an official launch of Movement Church on September 29, 2019.

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One Page OVERVIEW Updated Jan 2019 (pdf)


Kelly's Financial Prayer Partner Presentation Updated Jan 2019 (pptx)


Kelly's Financial Prayer Partner Presentation Updated Jan 2019 (pdf)