About Us

Dr. Kelly Manire- Pastor


Kelly is crazy about the Obvious One, loves Abbotsford, and when not busy leading Movement Church to be a life giving, Jesus loving, community building, multiplying church plant, loves to simply hang with his family. Kelly enjoys coffee, and tea and just about anything outdoors! He loves to challenge others to consider thinking beyond themselves with movements like the Forgotten 50. 

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Jeanne Manire

Jeanne is an amazing Mom, Wife, Tea-lover, Global Traveler, and the National Director of P2C WHEN!

Jeanne is an amazing mom, loving wife, and a tea-lover with a voracious appetite for reading. But wait, there's more... She is also a people loving global traveler, and when not leading Power to Change,  Women's Heart Engaging Network, loves to make Kelly take her camping in Mr. Ridiculous, their 1981 Westfalia Camper Van. 

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Liz Collett - Missionary


Welcome Liz Collett, a recent Texas State graduate serving as a semester missionary in Abbotsford, BC! 

Likes: Coffee, Pugs, Singing, Pugs

Dislikes: Tea, Cats, Silence, Cats

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Internship Opportunities through Movement Church

Worship Leader Intern


The Worship Leader Intern will specialize in vocal worship music as well as lead, using at least one primary instrument (guitar, piano, etc),. The overall goal is glorify God in worship. This intern will focus on serving alongside our pastor helping to create inspiring worship gatherings, where we encounter Jesus in a significant way. Our worship leader will craft weekly worship service setlists, and recruit others for the formation of a worship band. The worship leader intern will be mentored by our Pastor who has 15+ years of church planting experience. A future goal: For the Movement Worship Leader Intern to become a full-time worship pastor at Movement Church. We are looking for a young adult who is currently preparing to become a full-time worship pastor. This position may be funded through a bi-vocational approach, or fully funded through a raising of support approach. Future goals also includie writing new songs and music that flow from hearts on fire for Jesus! 

Campus Ministry Interns


We need  a Team of 2-3 interns whose overall goal is to lead campus ministry with a focus on Alpha, leading students and the UFV community to embrace faith and life in Jesus. Our campus ministry interns will be a part of Alpha, and likely help establish a new Christian Club on campus, which will locate and develop student leaders, who can connect, grow, and go in Jesus name with Movement Church. They will be mentored by our Pastor who has served as a Campus Pastor/Minister for 15+ years. A future goal: 3 full-time, raise-your-own-support - Campus Ministers, who serve on staff at Movement Church, helping us to reach the UFV Campus Community. 

Children's Ministry Intern


Movement Church Children’s Ministry Intern will specializes in ministry to children and their parents. They will lead out in reaching out to parents with creative outreach (e.g. Parents Night Out at UFV for staff and students), and will take the lead responsibility for the safe, fun, and meaningful time of learning about Jesus during our weekly worship gatherings. Children’s Ministry Interns are required to have a current Police check completed before they can serve with Movement Church. A future goal: Movement Church wants to have such a dynamic ministry to families, that parents seek us out to involve their kids in our kid’s ministry. One result will be the creation of reproducible resources that help Movement Church launch other church plants with successful kids ministry.

Digital Ministry Intern


Movement Church needs an Intern who specializes in technology whose responsibility is to provide all necessary technological aid associated with all church activities. Such responsibilities include: website maintenance, social media, event advertising, creating and running church service needs: A future goal: For our Electronic Media Intern to become fully funded and raise up a team of techies that multiply our church planting efforts. Bonus points for helping Movement Church create a Movement Church App! 

Creative Outreach Intern


Movement Church needs a Creative Outreach Intern who will take the lead in helping Movement to plant creative and sustainable outreach of various kinds, in various places. The Internship requires mountains of ingenuity and innovation. This intern will be an entrepeneur who can lead our existing monthly outreach (e.g. Lifeline ministry to the homeless in Abbotsford, and monthly social gatherings for the church meant to be first contact point for reaching new people for Christ), and also start new outreach in the UFV community. A Future goal: To build a team of multiplying leaders who have a cutting edge missional approach that help lead Movement Church in serving our community with excellence. 

Fill in the Blank - Intern


Sadly, many churches are closing all across North America. We want to see that trend stopped! Movement Church is one attempt to impact the culture, particularly in the Fraser Valley, with a life  giving, and multiplying church plant that aims to see many come to know, follow, and embrace for life, our LORD Jesus.  This will require new ways to reach people that we have not yet considered.  Check out this link that describes  four brilliant ideas/ways that missional churches are changing  the cultual landscape in North America. Now dream of what God can do here in the Fraser Valley, and help us write your own job description!

Forgotten fifty internships

F50 Interns

The Forgotten 50 are the least evangelized university and/or college campuses in all of North America.  All 50 campuses are located in Canada, most in Quebec. Our hope is to send missionaries to all 50 of these campuses to establish campus ministries and church plants aimed at beginning to reach these communities before Canada Day July 1, 2020.  Please visit our website.


This is the perfect volunteer internship for someone who is aiming to become a missiologist or strategist. Serving up to 10 hours a week, you would be tasked with helping us update our website and blog, helping grow our 350 person strong weekly prayer text group, to well over 1000, helping to get word out to the Canadian Church about our great need to reach these campus/communities for Christ, and assisting Kelly Manire in BC, the Co-Director of the Forgotten 50. 

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Movement Church meets every Sunday night 6-8pm in the UFV Community.

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